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What is d10again?

d10again started out as a blog for Juliet to review various games (table top and video games) and frankly, as a way for her to learn Wordpress.

As the website grew, and it's social media footprint expanded, the website was re-branded to return to Juliet's roots in table top gaming. Raymond Bruels III was brought on board after his thoughtful encouragement to get her back in the DM's chair. The two remain the owners of d10again, but realized that they needed an editor.

Mike Bross was brought on board in 2018 as the Lead Editor and to help manage the writing team.

Today d10again provides gaming reviews, geek wisdom, and a collection of experiences from behind the DM screen.


Juliet “Jules” Meyer, Founder

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Raymond W. Bruels III, Owner

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M. Lee Bross, Lead Editor

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Contributing Authors

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The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don’t need any rules