• Marketing Director: NeonCon (Las Vegas)

  • Marketing Lead: NCRE 2013 and 2015

  • Producer and Talent - GenCon Live 2010

  • Co-Owner and Coordination Director - DR: Colorado

  • Parlor Larping: 15+ years

  • Boffer Larping: 10+ years

  • Table Topping: 20+ years

  • Nerd Podcasting/Videography: 10+ years (Too many projects to list)

  • Marketing Consultant: FREEDOM SQUADRON, Savage Worlds Setting

  • Game Writer: Dystopia Rising: Colorado

  • Voice Over Talent: Mytheon and various mobile apps

  • Panelist: Denver Comic Con, Genghis Con, and NeonCon

Juliet Meyer

(Founder, Owner and Contributor)

d10again was created by Juliet "Jules" Meyer in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Her posts a reflection of her journey through gaming culture. 

In her meandering professional career she's worked in radio (KUNR, KCNV, KNPR, KMXB, KXNT), Marketing, IT/Website Development, Community Management, Social Media and now spends her time as a Project Manager for a small software development firm.

Juliet considers herself a "born again" table topper, you can learn about her return to the hobby here.  Most of her experience in gaming has been focused on LARPing which includes: Vampire (Mind's Eye Society), Dystopia Rising, Alliance, NERO, Realms of Conflict, Houses of the Blooded, and an assortment of other home brew games.

She grew up on the east coast and found gaming in her early teens and then headed out to the "wild west" in Nevada where she went to college (University of Nevada, Reno) and spent a good deal of her younger years enjoying life in Las Vegas.

Today she lives in Denver with her boyfriend Ray, and their two corgi's Princess Aurora and Taddie. In her spare time she enjoys photography (which is all over this site), cooking Keto things, playing Civ 6, and trying out new RPG games.



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