Michael Lee Bross

(Contributor and Editor)

An avid lifetime gamer, Michael Lee Bross has been a game master, player, world-builder, and designer for nearly 30 years. His resume in playing tabletop rpgs includes Classic Marvel Superheroes, Classic World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness, FATE, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, Star Frontiers, Shadowrun, Cypher System, W.O.I.N., G.U.R.P.S, FantasyAGE, Middle-Earth Roleplaying, and a Dungeon and Dragons career spanning five editions.

He is also a graduate of the MFA in Poetry program at Drew University, and is an active writer of both poetry and speculative fiction. He is the recipient of the Martha E. Martin Awards for Poetry and Fiction, as well as the Jane Coil Cole Poetry Scholarship. His work has been published in such periodicals as Lifeboat, Mobius Poetry Magazine, and Let’s talk Philadelphia. His poetry chapbook, “Meditations on an Empty Stomach” also won the 2015 Arts by the People Chapbook Award. Michael currently teaches English at the University of Scranton.