How to Build a Headdress (Part 2)

This is the continuation of How to Build a Headdress (Part 1) which you can read here if you're just joining us.

So now that you've waited the full 12-24 hours to let your felt-glue floppy head piece solidify, you can now remove the pins and pull back the felt "armor."  it will now stand up on it's own as seen below:

head 1.jpg

Look at how well it just hangs out there!  Fancy!

Now we can move on to sizing this thing to your head!

For this design, we'll be utilizing hair clips so aligning it with your hairline is key.  Remember, leave enough space for you to attach your "weave" and various pieces to the back of the base.

head 2.jpg

I used some sharpies to mark my lines in the mirror.  I also cut it above the ears so that it's not resting on top of my ears.

Make sure to mark which side is the front is you go with a less triangular shape.

head 3.jpg


Then be sure to make where your clips will need to go.  You can use as many clips as you like, but I tend to favor two myself.

Now just sew those bad boys in there!  I like to use embroidery floss in any random number of colors (because you won't see them in the finished product.)

head 5.jpg

Now that the thing that secures (most) of the headdress to your head is done, be sure to try it on and make sure it's comfortable. Those little clips clip to your hair and will attach with a "snap" sound when they're gripping and ungripping.

Now, if you're doing any additional items on the headdress, you can sew in your magnets. This will be the part where you have to determine placement for future things, so be careful in this section.


Now we'll start building around those magnets.

I chose a thicker wool based weave.  You can really use any variety of materials at this point. I've done fabric before, or just yarn, or a mixture of both, but you want to prepare as many of these bundles as possible.  Your local craft and knitting stores are a great place to check out.

I tend to favor just taking a length of yarn and then tying them together at the top in general.  For the thicker strands I used those individually.  you can see the three types I went with below:

weave 1.jpg

Wen you have what you feel is enough of these little bundles of yarn (which should be longer than you think you're going to need so you can cut them later).  I like to start at the bottom of the back and I just hot glue these bad boys on.  If you'd rather sew them go ahead, but I find the hot glue to be fast, and also makes it more waterproof.  It's worked very well for me!


Above you can see the first layer of the weave going in. I like to pattern things a bit, but you can go with whatever order of weave colors you like. The knots I put in the yawn help it sit on the felt base in it's glue super well.  You can also see I added some suede on top of the magnets.  This is a personal preference, but I find it helps the magnets not slam into each other (they're 70 lb magnets and are no joke.)

The new middle magnet on top is to hold on the skull mask.

I simply go around the bottom adn then start to crawl up the top creating layers of yarn as seen below:

weave 3.jpg

This all really comes together fast.

Before I filled everything in with yarn, I started to prep the horns that I had planned for the sides.


The washers on there you see on there are to allow for a better magnetic pull on the rectangle magnets I bought (which I later double layered and glued some of the thicker yarn on to to hide the magnets).  The rectangle magnets were a lighter pull that the other ones, so I wanted to try and help it along, but still allow them to pull off should I take a tumble in hope the 3D printed horns wouldn't break.

almost done.jpg

You can see above that the horns are sitting happily in their spot and I'm starting to fill in the gaps with more yarn weave.  I'm taking care NOT to cover the middle magnet though.

Also in case your'e wondering, that needle with the green thread is just there to hold the base on the head.

I ended up filling in all of the felt and then throwing some spare fur I had laying around over the magnet to hide it.  The magnets are PLENTY strong and there's one under the skull and one on the felt base, hidden by some fur.

I cut the hair much shorter than I should have, but it looks good with the armor.


You can see on the back the fur and the white strands I glues to the sides of the horns to hide the magnets.

Below is me in the makeup and armor with the headdress:


All in all the most expensive piece by a LONG shot was the skull on the front of the headdress which I purchased from Etsy.  The horns are from Mud and Majesty on Etsy and were very affordable!

The only things I need to do now is attach a strap to the felt base underneath to help is hold the back of my head and stay more snug, but you can also put your hair in a  ponytail or half pony tail under the headdress and that will help it stay put on your hair.

I will also be dying the weave with some tea or coffee to lessen the start white colors of the yarn... it's the apocolypse afterall!