Reflections on Dragonlance

Much love to Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Much love to Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

When times are tough, or I am feeling under the weather, I drift back to things that make me feel better or are happy memories. Dragonlance is on my mind today. I have so many happy memories associated with this world setting. From the first time I read the omnibus of the Dragonlance Chronicles (a Christmas gift from my parents) I was hooked.

I remember when I first read the omnibus. I was working a summer-hire job in Berlin Germany. I would take the bus from our housing area out to Tempelhof, where my father worked and I had my summer job. It was forty-five minutes of time that I could dedicate to reading, all the while blasting music through my walk-man (usually something heavy metal related - Judas Priest, Grim Reaper, Winger, Black Sabbath, or the occasional mixed tape).

In those pages I met for the first time Tanis, Sturm, Flint, the Twins, Tasselhof...I could sit here and list them off, one by one, each with a fond memory. But I didn't just stop with the Chronicles. As books were published I would devour them. I bought all the roleplaying game books, the cookbooks, the modules. Anything that would help steep me into the culture and history. I played the video games. I put together the puzzles.

Years later (many years later) I would find myself on a Neverwinter Nights persistent server, Krynn's New Beginnings. It wasn't always completely Dragonlance, but it was fun when I needed something like that in my life. It's there that I met so many friends and had hours of fun both as a player and later as a virtual Dungeon Master. I told massive server stories. I coded areas (my favorites the temples for Morgion and Sargonnas). 

I eventually took a break from the server, but eventually made my way back for a time. It was right after my hospitalization and diagnosed heart condition. It gave me a place I could lose myself into roleplay, tactics and gameplay, all the while under the backdrop of the large trees of Solace. Eventually Neverwinter ran its course. The game was no longer being supported and they were moving to turn off the server lists. It was time to say goodbye to the server, but never to Dragonlance.

There is a wealth of story in Dragonlance. So many heroic and tragic moments that helped shape and guide my gaming experiences and ultimately my life:

Sturm's stand on the High Clerist's Tower. The ambition of Raistlin. The brother's love of Caramon. The love of Tanis and Laurana. Flying citadels. Dragonlances. The redemption of the Knights of Solamnia. The Doom Brigade. Huma and Kaz. The mysterious Irda. The Cataclysm. Fizban the clumsy wizard. Astinus the Chronicler. Gnimsh the Gnomish failure. The Staff of Fistandantilus.

So many moments. 
So much story. 
So much love.

If you haven't read them or its been a while since you've revisited, I implore you to track them down. I promise they have something for everyone.