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Roll to Save: The Growing Field of Therapeutic Gaming

I hesitated to start this article out of fear. I was held by a miasma of nameless anxiety and vague reluctance too many people are familiar with. And while I have never been silent that I am one of 43.8 million Americans who suffer from mental health issues, it does not make being open and vulnerable any easier. There is always a call to arms, a mustering of courage and a deep breath before the plunge that puts the skittish butterflies in my stomach into a flurry.

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[Dragonlance] Considering Kender

The opinion I want to address today is regarding Kender. That mischievous and childlike race embodied for many in the character of Tasselhoff Burrfoot. I’m not sure now what it was that made me have such a dislike of the character. Guessing, it could have been the impetuousness, the irresponsibility or the insatiable and often misunderstood kleptomania. Or it could have been how my fellow gamers approached Kender and abused the idea of them in gaming. And abuse them they did.

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[Origins 2018 Series] A return to the convention

Local friends recently asked what going to Origins this year meant to me. I’ve been to conventions and I’ve even been to Origins, though the last trip out was in 2005 when I still lived in Columbus, Ohio. I think it's fair to say that Origins still remains for me what it is for many - an escape. Four days to leave behind work, responsibilities, drama and all the weight that we carry day to day.

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