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Decolonizing the Dungeon: Gatekeeping

There are, of course, black people, indigenous people and people of color of all genders and sexual orientation in roleplaying and fantasy/sci-fi writing, and there always have been. We write (and read) comic books, graphic novels, fantasy and sci-fi novels. We create and play wargames and role-playing games, video games and movies and poetry and songs about these fantastic worlds that we've grown up in and love. We been here. 

Behind the Screen #3: Craig Campbell

This week on “Behind the Screen” we have ourselves a fireside* chat with the high lord of NerdBurger Games, Craig Campbell.  Craig has been a game designer from before the change in millennium, cutting his teeth in the late 90’s working on modules for Dungeons & Dragons and other mainstream games before moving forward to create his own design company.  Fast forward and Craig is now the creative force behind Nerdburger’s promising library of games, including Murders & Acquisitions, Die Laughing, and the BAMfies Award winning Capers.