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Into the Depths of Madness: A Review of Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Despite my passionate dislike of the mega-dungeon, I was surprised to find myself really enjoying Dungeon of the Mad Mage. As something of a Faerûn aficionado, I have run more than a few campaigns within the City of Splendor, and the Realms have become the canonical setting of choice for my High Fantasy over the years. The legends of Halaster Blackcloak were the stuff of many a bar tale or camp-fire Bard musing. The Undermountain was a place of great infamy, and my players had spent their share of time hunting the tunnels and passageways of Waterdeep’s underbelly.

Preparing to GM

I ran my first game in High School in the 90s using a home crew system I'd cobbled together from scraps of video games, a D&D book I found once at a friend's house (her brother played), and m own imagination.

It was terrible, but the stories were a great time.

Adventurer's Wanted: Apply at your local Gaming Store

I never payed in the RPGA. 

I never really played anything in a gaming store (save for a few Legend fo the Five Rings Games).

However I found myself at the local gaming store (Denver Central Games, in Aurora) one night with my galpal (and tailor) playing D&D 5th edition.  We used to find a group (Denver RPG Group out here is HUGE) and there we were, derping along at the table with our Monk and Sorceress in hand!