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The Board Room Episode #2: Good Dog, Bad Zombie by Make Big Things

This game is based around dogs trying to rescue their trapped “hoomans” from being eaten by zombies.  Bravely running through the city, they Lick, Bark, Herd, Chew, and Sniff through the hordes of zombies in order to save the hoomans and lead them back to their home base, Central Bark.  Hoomans, on the other hand, are little more than zombie food.  If they are found, they’re lunch.  Too many hoomans get eaten, or too many zombies enter Central Bark, and the pack goes feral, losing the love and endless scratches forever. 

The Board Room Episode #1: Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Review

Werewolf Legacy expands upon the original Werewolf by offering a story about resettling a colony in the New England wilderness.  It’s presented in the form of a diary to be filled out as the game progresses.  The decisions of the group impact the game in the ongoing war between the village and werewolves, played out over generations.  Each player will be part of a different family that lives through the war, and as the game progresses, each of these families gain abilities that impact the game.