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Behind the Screen #3: Craig Campbell

This week on “Behind the Screen” we have ourselves a fireside* chat with the high lord of NerdBurger Games, Craig Campbell.  Craig has been a game designer from before the change in millennium, cutting his teeth in the late 90’s working on modules for Dungeons & Dragons and other mainstream games before moving forward to create his own design company.  Fast forward and Craig is now the creative force behind Nerdburger’s promising library of games, including Murders & Acquisitions, Die Laughing, and the BAMfies Award winning Capers.

Behind the Screen Episode #1: Misha Bushyager

This episode, we had the honor of sitting down with Misha Bushyager, co-founder and designer for New Agenda Publishing. Misha’s exquisite work has put her on the forefront of the contemporary Indie-developer scene. Her litany work includes  Lovecraftesque, #Feminism, Dead Scare, Misspent Youth, Orun, and Masks Unbound.  Today we chat about projects old and new, as well as dive a bit into inclusiveness in the gaming community.

Trouble Boys and Trigger Men: A Capers Review

The Capers core system is simple, clean, and inventive. Centering around rules-light structure and a clever playing cards mechanic, Capers allows fast-paced action that mirrors its themes and tropes. The “gamble system” is truly exciting, adding an element of fruitful tension to nearly every action, while simultaneously capturing that “mobsters” motif that drives the game.  Capturing a system that plays alongside your genre themes is no easy task, but Campbell and company do a fine job here with Capers’ gameplay. Not only are the rules unobtrusive, they are honestly fun and immersive, allowing for Storytellers to run a story, and not just a game.