Ray's Gaming Misadventures:

  • MES Storyteller (Local - Regional Levels): 10+ Years

  • Co-Owner and Storytelling Director - DR: Colorado

  • Parlor Larping: 25+ years

  • Boffer Larping: 10+ years

  • Table Topping: 30+ years

  • Community Manager: Global Operations Force (FREEDOM SQUADRON RPG)

  • Module Writer: FREEDOM SQUADRON, Savage Worlds Setting

  • Game Writer: Dystopia Rising: Colorado


  • Panelist: Starfest

  • Award Winning Board Game Developer

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Raymond W. Bruels III


Ray got his start in table top gaming while his family was stationed in Germany.  His first memories of table topping are filled with the original D&D boxes, Dragon Magazine, and creating his own board games.

Upon returning to the states, he continued his passion for storytelling and gaming by expanding his hobbies with LARP.

With a gaming experience that spans 30 years, Ray brings a wealth of experience, historical gaming knowledge, and a passion for story-craft to d10again.  He also co-runs the Colorado Dystopia Rising Chapter with Juliet.

When not gaming or solving real life problems in his professional life, Ray enjoys time with his dog Taddie, and sometimes finds time to sculpt and work on making masks for haunted attractions


You can read more about Ray's Journey and how he came to find d10again here.